Concealment is Key

Well they are here and they are not this year's birds.  We have resorted to standing corn and Avery Powerhunters.  We took several tolls that we should of cracked into but we wanted them to finish and try and get some pictures over the new Avery prototype decoys.  Finally took 2 groups and killed 6 total.  The real excitement was Tug breaking out of his hide slightly early due to all the excitement.  Cant blame him.  The break he took from his surgery is more obvious now in the slipping on the obedience.  Fun day needed with 6 retrieves. Check out the concealment 4 guys and 1 dog hide.

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Still Struggling

The geese have been tough this year and we have been only able to get them out of the standing corn.  This day we hunted all morning with the usual gang and never pulled the trigger.  So we refueled and took a nap.  Then brought in some reinforcements after some left.  All of a sudden it was game on.  We had 1000s right over head working to us, but way too many to shoot into.  At one point we had +50 on the ground but let the dog bump them out.  We watched them for 20 minutes all over us, pure insanity.  Finally had some more manageable groups and knocked 4 and Tug broke like a jerk, his training wasn't what it once was because no tune ups this summer due to his surgeries.  We will get back on it once the season is over.  Then another single dead and retrieved.  The final single of the evening was a neat one.  Came all the way in and no one was shooting it.  So I got up and shot at it as it was flying away.  It acted perfectly normal as it flew out but lifted straight up @ 150 yds and died.  Magic BB.  Tug made a nice retrieve on that bird.

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Field Trip!!

Took a little field trip today during work. Can you guess where we were? Powerhouse Ice Eaters in Owings Mills MD. We needed to drop off 6 of our close to 40 units for repair.

It was neat seeing the production and repair process. Mallard View Outdoors is their biggest distributer and Cabelas are another big customer. Their housings are specially painted with a green epoxy paint in their custom paint booth shown below.

They said that they are beginning to ship over seas. The ones with the white cords epoxied in are headed over seas. Apparently Powerhouse headed down to the Gulf during the oil spill. Their products pulled the oil up from below the surface where it wasn't visible. Tons and tons of applications for just one product is really amazing.

Very cool stuff!!











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***So Close***

This past Saturday we had a close call with the Chesapeake Slam. We only needed the Common Scoter. Jason and his dog Slider joined us from North Carolina and had great time and got a lot of shooting in with one short of a limit holding out for a Common. Thanks for joining us Jason.



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Great Company

I was a lucky guy when my wife Laura expressed interest in tagging along with me and Tug on a hunt. She wasn't interested in shooting but really wanted to see the dog work.

So we set the wheels in motion last spring. We signed up for the hunting safety course and she was a real trooper sitting in an unheated room for 2 full days with what had to be the worst safety instructor I have ever seen.

We even bought her a gun just in case she wanted to shoot while she was with us or try a couple rounds of skeet.

Opening day of goose season found us BOTH up early headed to the farm. She was all bundled up and ready for some action. The only problem was there was no action. She experienced one of the very few skunks on this farm. Oh well it was my most memorable day hunting having her there with me. I hope once the baby comes she will give it one more shot!




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More Pits!!

We were at it again! In goes another pit at the farm. Thanks to Wayne for having the big boy toys to get the job done while we all sit around and watch.







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***First Day for Scoter***

It was our first day out on the Bay and it was blowing like crazy, 20-25 with giant rollers.  We got out a little too early and were quick to setup after seeing a couple of birds.  In retrospect I should have waited another 15 or 20 because thats when we saw where the concentration of birds were, about 500 yds inland of us.  There was only 3 of us so we were able to pick at our limit.  With the rough seas it was tough finding and dispatching the cripples so we lost some.  This was a good shake down run for the boat and gear and everything functioned well.  The dog managed 2 great retrieves in huge surf and current.  Had a little snafu with him getting in a dropper but zipped right over to him and yanked him out.  While the dog is out retrieving my focus is 100% on him and have a quick release for the anchor that can be dropped and over to him before he even knows theres a problem.  Ended the day with 6 birds in the boat, like normal seeing a lot of juvies and hens right now.  Felt great to knock the cobwebs off!!

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***First Day for Ducks***

As I mentioned we did not make it out for opening day of duck season so today was our opening day. Stayed very close to home for a laid back fun hunt in hopes of getting a woodie or mallards and as luck would have it we were able to connect on a nice pair. We had several swim in from a distance and were able to jump them and knocked down a pair, a hen and drake. Both of which Tug was able to retriever quite nicely for our first 2 ducks of the 2011-2012 season. A nice fun start!


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Opening Day of Duck Season

I don't normally chase the puddle ducks too hard. I get more excited for the divers and sea ducks to show up. This opening day of duck season we spent adding a second pit end to end to our back pit to accommodate more hunters. It is now 32' of death. A successful opening day of duck season.









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***Awesome Resident Goose Opener***

Took a little drive to have an evening hunt on the goose opener in Southern Maryland. Got set up at our spot around 5pm knowing it was going to be a sunset hunt. We waited patiently and sure enough as soon as the sun dropped below the trees we saw our first group of geese. The landed about 200 yards away. We continued to wait and then we heard a bunch of in the distance. When they cleared the tree tops they were already locked up. We landed the first couple but noticed there were 4 or so behind them so we waited them out. They ended up landing and then it was go time, we ended up with several down and one or two cripples to chase. There was some knuckle head blowing an airhorn at us guess he didn't want us hunting there. We took a couple more tolls and dropped some from each. The last group came in with under a minute to legal shooting time and we scratched out three from that group to end the day with 12. Ron and Dave always do a good job and put us on the birds. A great start to the 2011-2012 waterfowl season. Hopefully next week Tug will be healed up enough to join us.

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